Yamaha Motorcycle Keys Made

Welcome to Blessing Lock Service, where we specialize in providing Yamaha motorcycle key services. 

With our expertise in ignition repair and replacement, we offer top-notch solutions for Yamaha motorcycle owners in Oahu and surrounding areas.

Mobile Locksmith Service in Oahu

As a mobile locksmith service, we Blessing Lock Services conveniently serve various locations throughout Oahu. 

Whether you require ignition repair or replacement for your Yamaha motorcycle, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the task efficiently.

Signs Indicating the Need for Ignition Repair or Replacement

If you encounter any of the following issues with your Yamaha motorcycle’s ignition, it is likely that you require ignition repair or replacement services:

  • Difficulty turning the ignition key
  • Key sticking in the ignition
  • Key locked in accessory or on position
  • Inability to remove the motorcycle key from the ignition

Ignition Repair Services

At Blessing Lock Service, we offer comprehensive ignition repair services for Yamaha motorcycles. 

Whether you can still ride your motorcycle or prefer visiting our conveniently located locksmith shops in Oahu and nearby cities, we can service your ignition to save you money. 

In situations where ignition replacement becomes necessary, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions that are often several hundred dollars cheaper than those offered by dealers.

Ignition Replacement Services

If your Yamaha motorcycle requires an ignition replacement, our skilled technicians can disassemble the lock and replace the tumblers. As a gesture of customer satisfaction, we rekey the ignition back to your original key. 

Additionally, if your key is excessively worn, we can decode it and cut you a fresh key. Unlike dealers and mechanics who simply sell you a new ignition, we have the expertise to rekey your ignition on-site, saving you the hassle and cost of towing your motorcycle to a shop.

Areas Served

We offer our services in different cities on Oahu, including:

ZIP Codes Served

If you need any locksmith services, please call us at 808-627-7233 or email us at  david@blessinglock.com