Key Fobs

At Blessing Lock Service, we are proud to offer exceptional automotive locksmith services for key fobs in Oahu and surrounding areas.

Signs You Need Key Fob Services

If you encounter any of the following issues, it is likely that you require key fob repair or replacement services:

  • Difficulty in operating the key fob
  • Key fob buttons sticking or becoming unresponsive
  • Inability to unlock or lock the vehicle using the key fob
  • Key fob not working even after replacing the battery
  • Key Fob Repair Services

Our professional locksmiths specialize in key fob repair and can efficiently address the issues you’re experiencing. Whether it’s a malfunctioning button or a damaged circuit, we have the expertise to fix it. 

We offer convenient mobile repair services and you can also visit one of our locksmith shops located in Oahu.

Key Fob Replacement Services

In cases where key fob repair is not feasible, we provide key fob replacement services. Our skilled technicians can program a new key fob for your vehicle, ensuring it functions seamlessly with your car’s security system. 

We strive to offer cost-effective solutions, often saving you several hundred dollars compared to dealership prices.

Common Key Fob Repairs and Replacements

Ford Focus

If you own a Ford Focus manufactured between 2000 and 2007 and are experiencing issues with the key fob, particularly a sticking button, you are not alone. We have successfully replaced numerous Ford Focus key fobs and can resolve this problem for you.

Dodge and Chrysler

Another common make and model that often requires key fob repair or replacement is Dodge and Chrysler vehicles produced from 2000 to 2010. Certain ignition systems in these vehicles have inherent flaws, causing them to wear out more frequently. Fortunately, our experienced technicians can efficiently repair or replace these key fobs.


For Honda owners with models ranging from 2003 to 2013, there is a high likelihood of encountering key fob issues. 

We offer affordable repair and replacement services for Honda key fobs, surpassing dealership prices while providing the convenience of on-site assistance.


Toyota vehicles often exhibit problems with the design of the ignition cylinder, leading to key fob issues. 

Our skilled locksmiths are well-versed in repairing and replacing Toyota key fobs and we possess the necessary expertise to handle split wafer systems that can hinder key rotation.

Other Vehicles

Even if your car model was not specifically mentioned, there’s no need to worry. We offer key fob repair and replacement services for most vehicle makes and models. 

Areas Served

We offer our services in different cities on Oahu, including:

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