Digital Locks

At Blessing Lock Service, we are proud to offer top-notch digital lock services in various locations, including Oahu and surrounding areas. Digital locks have revolutionized the way we secure our homes and businesses. 

With advanced technology and enhanced security features, digital locks provide convenience and peace of mind. 

At Blessing Lock Service, we specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of digital locks, ensuring that your property remains safe and secure.

Benefits of Digital Locks

Digital locks offer numerous advantages over traditional lock and key systems. Here are some key benefits of opting for digital locks:

  • Enhanced Security: Digital locks provide advanced security features such as biometric access, keypad codes or keyless entry options, making unauthorized access extremely difficult
  • Convenience: With digital locks, you no longer need to carry around a physical key. Access can be granted through various means, including PIN codes, swipe cards or smartphone apps
  • Remote Access: Some digital locks can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing you to control and monitor your locks remotely. This feature is particularly useful for granting access to guests or service providers when you’re not physically present
  • Audit Trail: Many digital locks offer an audit trail feature, which records and stores data regarding lock activity. This can be beneficial for tracking who enters or exits a property and when

Services We Offer

At Blessing Lock Service, we provide comprehensive digital lock services to cater to your specific needs. Our services include:


  • Digital Lock Installation: Our experienced locksmiths can expertly install digital locks in your residential or commercial property. We ensure proper placement and configuration for optimal security and functionality
  • Digital Lock Repair: If you’re experiencing any issues with your digital lock, such as malfunctioning keypads or connectivity problems, our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair the problem efficiently
  • Digital Lock Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your digital locks in excellent condition. Our maintenance services include cleaning, lubrication and inspection of all components to ensure smooth operation and longevity
  • Digital Lock Upgrades: If you have an older digital lock system or want to explore the latest advancements in digital lock technology, we can assist you with upgrades tailored to your requirements

Common Digital Lock Brands We Service

While we can provide digital lock services for various brands and models, here are some of the commonly serviced brands:


  • Schlage: Known for their durable and reliable digital locks, Schlage offers a wide range of options for residential and commercial properties
  • Yale: Yale digital locks combine security and convenience, with features like keyless entry, touchscreens and smart home integration
  • Kwikset: Kwikset digital locks are known for their ease of use and innovative designs. They offer a range of keyless entry options and compatibility with smart home systems
  • Samsung: Samsung digital locks provide cutting-edge technology and sleek designs. They often come with biometric access options and remote control capabilities

Areas Served

We offer our services in different cities on Oahu, including:

ZIP Codes Served

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