Commercial Doors Installation & Repair

Commercial door repair and installation services in San Diego County, CA. We can install and service a wide variety of commercial doors for businesses in San Diego County (San Diego, Chula Vista, Santee, Escondido, San Marcos) and beyond.

Commercial Door Installation & Repair Services in San Diego, Escondido, San Marcos, Chula Vista, Santee & Entire San Diego County

Being authorized dealer and service center of premier manufacturers of door hardware and opening solutions, we can provide you the highest quality service for door installation, door repair and door opening solutions, including access control systems. Busy Bees is an authorized dealer and service center for ASSA ABLOY Medeco door opening solutions and locks, including access control systems from Medeco & ASSA ABLOY brands. We are an authorized Medeco Security Center in San Diego County.

Commercial Door Installation

Installation of a variety of commercial doors — warehouse doors, pedestrian doors, and more. Our experienced technicians are proficient in installation of access control, electrified and mechanical door opening hardware.

Commercial Door Repair

From minor commercial door repairs to full replacement, we have the expertise to deliver the service quickly and efficiently. We ensure fast deployments and the highest quality installation around door openings.

Commercial Door Replacement

Replace damaged commercial door with a new one

As a business owner or manager, you know it is important to properly maintain your property. If you have a damaged or faulty door, it does not only risk the safety of occupants, but it also makes your property look bad. You want your doors and door hardware to be in good shape.

When you need commercial door repair or installation service, it is important to choose the right door company. You need technicians with extensive training and experience so that you get the highest quality service. You want your doors to be efficient and sturdy.

Broken Door Glass Replacement

Commercial door broken glass cleanup & glass replacement, and door board-up. 

Business owners often don’t realize the importance of doors until they break down and operations get affected. You need to keep your doors fit and properly functioning. Don’t wait for your doors to break. Connect with Busy Bees today so that you have a reliable and experienced door service provider whenever you need one.

Commercial doors come in various shapes and sizes, made from a variety of materials to provide different levels of securities against forced entries. The most popular door materials are wood, steel, aluminum, glass and polyethylene vinyl. We can work with different types of doors.

  • Overhead & Sectional Steel Doors
  • Wood Doors
  • Roll up Doors
  • Panic Hardware for Doors
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Glass Aluminum Doors
  • Gates with Automatic Operators
  • Fire Doors
  • Automatic Doors

Busy Bees provides commercial door repair and installation for small and large businesses in San Diego County, California. Whether you’re a commercial property owner looking for a new entry door or a property manager of a business with a gate in need of service, we are is here to provide you the commercial door and gate services you need. We are fast, reliable and reasonably priced.

Our commercial door and gate services in San Diego County (San Diego, Chula Vista, Santee, Escondido, San Marcos) include commercial overhead doors and gates, scissor gates, rolling aluminum gates, pedestrian gates, uphill swing gates, door and gate automation, automatic doors, roll-up doors, hollow metal doors, fire-rated doors, entrance doors, glass and aluminum doors, door closers, security hardware, access control systems, and many more.

Poor Commercial Door Installation & Repair, Low-Quality Door Locks Affect Security of Your Business

  • Commercial Door Installation in San Diego County: You want to keep your business safe. Without proper commercial door installation, you are putting your business at risk. Your business needs a strong and sturdy door that keeps burglars away. Different businesses have multiple requirements, such as a fire safety and withstanding brute force. When you move to a new commercial premises or start a new business, you should invest in proper door installation for your business.
  • Access control for your business: Keys and locks aren’t just the only part of keeping your business safe. You need to control and manage access to your properties better. Access control systems allow you to restrict access and keep track of your employees, manage the security of your business, and reduce the chances of a break-in. Get commercial access control installation for your business and enjoy better safety and peace of mind!
  • If you need commercial door repair services after an attempted break-in damaging your door, you should also consider upgrading your security with a wide range of modern security solutions to protect your business from another break-in. Some security solutions include video surveillance, access control, and changing the locks on your business doors.

Commercial Door Locks: Sale & Installation

Locks protect your property. Higher the value of property being guarded by the lock, more sturdier the lock needs to be. You cannot use general locks for your business. A common house lock is an easy target for burglar. When you need to keep burglars away from your business, you need high-security locks that are designed for commercial premises.

Commercial door locks are designed to keep intruders out. Upgrade your business locks and doors. If you are not changing your faulty doors and locks considering the cost, don’t keep delaying. Our service is reasonably priced. You can afford to cost of door and lock upgrade but you cannot afford a break-in or burglary at your business. Don’t let your business go unprotected another day.