Access control services

At Blessing Lock Service, we specialize in providing top-notch access control solutions for residential, commercial and automotive needs. 

With our expertise and dedication, we ensure the security and convenience you deserve.

Door & Gate Access Control

We offer reliable door and gate access control systems that enhance security and streamline entry. 

Whether you need access control for your home or business, we have the expertise to install, repair and maintain these systems efficiently.

Keypad & PIN Code Access

Our access control services include, keypad and PIN code access solutions, allowing you to grant entry through the use of unique codes. 

This convenient and secure method ensures that only authorized individuals can access your premises.

Biometric Access Control System

For an advanced level of security, we provide biometric access control systems that utilize fingerprint or facial recognition technology. These cutting-edge systems offer enhanced protection against unauthorized access.

Proximity Key Card & Key Fob Access

With our proximity keycard and key fob access control solutions, you can conveniently grant access to authorized individuals by simply presenting a card or fob near the reader. This hassle-free method ensures quick and secure entry.

Alarm Lock Digital Door Lock

We offer installation and maintenance services for Alarm Lock digital door locks. These advanced locks provide an additional layer of security and can be integrated into your access control system for comprehensive protection.

Alarm Lock Electronic Digital Door Lock

Enhance your access control system with Alarm Lock electronic digital door locks. These locks offer keyless entry options, audit trail capabilities and advanced security features to safeguard your premises effectively.

Alarm Lock Mortise Digital Door Lock

Our access control services extend to Alarm Lock mortise digital door locks, which provide robust security and durability. 

These locks are ideal for commercial and high-security applications, ensuring peace of mind.

Magstripe Access

We specialize in magstripe access control systems, enabling you to utilize magnetic stripe cards for secure entry. 

Our expert technicians can install and maintain these systems to meet your specific needs.

Lockdown Functions

To enhance security during emergency situations, we offer access control systems with lockdown functions. 

These features allow you to quickly restrict access to certain areas, ensuring the safety of your premises and occupants.

PC & Browser-Based Systems

We provide PC and browser-based access control systems that offer flexibility and ease of use. With these systems, you can manage and monitor access privileges conveniently from a central location.

Log & Event Reporting

Our access control services include comprehensive log and event reporting capabilities. 

These features allow you to track and monitor access activity, ensuring a transparent and accountable security system.

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